Tea Party Platform – About Us

Trisha P.

I always like tea parties ever since I was a kid and discovering such organization that involves the thing I love the most is so fascinating for me! I was immediately interested to join and be a member but sadly, my work isn’t allowing that to happen. It was very disappointing since I always wanted to be a part of this thing and do great things as well or give opportunities to other people. I just wanted to know if the organization requires full attention from members or not since I am a busy lady and I tend to spend more time with work. But I do hope it’s fine though since I really, really want to join as soon as possible even though it means I’ll have to manage my work and time for the organization.

Eline K.

Hello, Trisha! I’m a part of the Tea Party Platform organization and we’re happy to tell you that no, the org does not require the members to give full attention to the group. You are more than welcome in our organization even though you may be busy with your work. In fact, there’s a lot of members who have their own work and sometimes businesses so it’s clearly fine. We will be glad to have you with us and we’ll be anticipating your membership. The Tea Party Platform will be sure to welcome you warmly and hope that you’ll join us soon!

Trisha P.

Oh. That was very good to know, Eline! Thank you so much for responding to my post and providing me an answer to my question. I will make sure to join as soon as I can and I’m more than excited to be a part of your team. Thank you so much for anticipating my membership!