About Us

Tea Party Platform – About Us

The Tea Party Platform is here and was created years ago to give job opportunities to people. Years ago, we only used to be a small group of people who were fascinated by different kinds of teas. We are more than fond of these drinks and are happy to create more of them and drink them. After all, it has always been nice to have tea around your house and just drink it whenever you have the time or just want to relax. Fortunately, we weren’t the only people who love tea so much so we decided to create a business and sell different tea varieties. However, we knew that we have to do something more since we like to give other people like us an opportunity of their own.

After a year of working together, we decided to create our own organization, inviting more people and letting them know the good thing about joining us. We were able to help them find good and stable jobs, and after months of working hard, we were able to find partnerships so we could expand our organization. It was fun to work with these companies since it only gave us time to learn more about tea and of course make sure that our mission for making this organization is successful.

However, aside from work, we know that it’s also good to have fun sometimes and relax just like how a simple tea could make us. And so, we managed to make tea parties happen often, inviting members and non-members of the organization. With this, we’re not just giving them work, but they can also wind down and relax a little bit with a lot of people. We will continue to do these things along with the people who trust and support us so the Tea Party Platform can reach more goals in the future.