The Tea Party

The Tea Party

Ever since I was a kid, I always wondered how it was to hold a tea party with friends or my cousins. As a child, it always seemed to be fun and cute that I try to play inside our garage door in Houston along with my friends. We pretend we are having tea parties which I always enjoyed. I think that these kind of things are always fun with other people and that didn’t change even when I grew older. However, instead of playing around and pretending to have a tea party, I wanted to have a real one.

Whenever I celebrate my birthday, I always wanted it to be simple. I just like holding a tea party and so, I’ve grown to celebrate my own birthday in that way. But it stopped when I became a fully grown adult yet my fascination about tea never stopped. And fortunately for me, a friend of mine happened to be a member of an organization that involves tea on their projects and activities. It was very interesting so I wanted to learn more about the said organization and what they do since I was more than willing to be a part of them if ever they cause well in the society.

I took my time to learn more about the organization and gave them a hand in the process. While I learned and discovered more about their activities, I also had fun helping in the organization. It turns out that the Tea Party Platform actually provides jobs to many people that involve teas and it was a great opportunity for those who can’t land a proper job or mostly, housewives who don’t have a lot of time to work full-time. For me, it was a great idea to give such opportunities and what is more interesting is that they hold such parties and meetings or hold events to let other people know more about tea and make them interested in doing works.

After several months, my friend invited me to this tea party they were having. Of course, I obliged but actually, the party was not the only thing they invited me to. The events they have made me learn more not just about the organization itself but about different kinds of teas as well. I became more interested which made me join the organization as soon as possible. In fact, I was more than happy and glad to be a part of them and provide more job opportunities to other people. Besides, the organization doesn’t just have jobs for making teas but a lot of positions since they have their own factories and partnerships with tea companies.

With my work, I never thought I would be able to make time for both but I was wrong. It was more than perfect for me and I feel so much better because I am able to help a lot of people with this organization. It was a great help and besides, I get to enjoy a lot of tea varieties as much as I can.